My research is in probability theory and its applications, as well as in different areas of applied mathematics. I have worked on the general theory of random walks and Monte Carlo methods, as well on problems arising from statistical mechanics, theoretical computer science, communications networks, and mathematical models in biology and meteorology. Recently, I have been working on problems in disease modeling (fairly applied) and pattern-avoiding permutations (very theoretical).

I am particularly interested in self-avoiding walks and related models. These arose in the physics literature, originally as models of large polymer molecules, and later as analogues of other statistical mechanical models such as the Ising model. The self-avoiding walk is simply a path on a lattice that does not visit the same site more than once. Proving things about the collection of all such paths is a formidable challenge to rigorous mathematical methods. Besides rigorous analysis, I have also worked on Monte Carlo methods for the study of such models.


Neal Madras, "Lectures on Monte Carlo Methods" (Fields Institute Monographs Series) (American Mathematical Society, Providence, 2002).
Introduction to the theory and application of Monte Carlo methods, based on a graduate course given at the Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences in the autumn of 1998.

Neal Madras (editor), "Monte Carlo Methods" (Fields Institute Communications Series) (American Mathematical Society, Providence, 2000).
Proceedings of a conference held at the Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences, Toronto, October 25-29, 1998.

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Paperback edition, 1996: ISBN 0-8176-3891-1, 3-7643-3891-1.
Research monograph focusing on the rigorous theory of the self-avoiding walk model.

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